An American Saga

American presidents from Washington and Lincoln to Franklin Roosevelt and Barack Obama, along with contemporary business leaders and social reformers, interact with Fitchen’s characters in this five-part saga spanning 1754 to the present.

Watch how trade drives the American Revolution on land and at sea, then feel the rising hostility endured by early nineteenth-century Creoles and slaves in New Orleans. Next join crusading editors in New York City who redefine the nation struggling through civil war, massive immigration, and industrial transformation. Feel jubilation in the twentieth century when a determined female attorney achieves pragmatic balance between corporate independence and government regulation. Then admire her granddaughter for expanding that balance to embrace nonprofits and NGOs while also launching many entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley.

Next from Fitchen, watch for a new nonfiction movie script about Cuba and the U.S.

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Justice on Trial is chronologically the second book in the American Saga series.  It follows Staircase to Liberty and precedes United by Covenant.  Justice on Trial is the one book in which the 'good guys' attempt more than can be achieved.


Encinitas author’s books portray sweeping story of America

by Jared Whitlock, Encinitas Advocate, July 24, 2015

Encinitas resident Richard Fitchen is working on a five-book, historical fiction series spanning America’s history. In other words, he’s ambitious.

While many authors would quiver at the thought of such a herculean project, Fitchen said he “can’t hardly wait to get started writing in the mornings.” Read more



"Richard Fitchen’s American Saga tells a story of America’s origins and yearning for a free society that is intensely interesting and enjoyable for a worldwide audience. I look forward to reading forthcoming volumes of his American saga series."

   —Harvey Stearn, former Chairman, California Arts Council


"United by Covenant is a very satisfying experience. Fitchen uses his extensive historical knowledge to inform us; his stimulating conversations, many on important subjects, to educate us; and his lively characters and unexpected turns to entertain us."

   —Gerasimos Santas, Professor Emeritus of Philosophy, UC Irvine


"Congratulations for Republic in Triumph! Fitchen’s engaging and lively story masterfully weaves 20thCentury growth of the United States with fascinating characters headlined by attorney Jessie LaBarre, an endlessly interesting and entertaining heroine."

    —Andrew L. Faber, JD Stanford Law; Partner, Berliner Cohen Attorneys at Law







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