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Author Biography

Richard Fitchen historical fiction authorRichard Fitchen’s “An American Saga” portrays America’s national experience from 1754 to 2016 in five parts with five generations of two families:  the progressive mixed-race LaBarres and the Camerons, a ruthless clan sworn to oppose and thwart the LaBarres at every turn—including murder.

Fitchen employs his extensive background in the social sciences, law, and philosophy in this saga. A California native, he earned university degrees while working nonacademic jobs, including firefighter (“a remarkable experience”), National Guardsman, and land surveyor.  During preparation of his doctoral degree in political science from UC Santa Barbara, he spent a year on fellowship at the Graduate Institute of International Studies in Geneva.

In addition to M.A. and Ph.D. degrees in political science, he holds a Master’s in Library and Information Studies from U.C. Berkeley. After teaching at the University of Washington’s then-School of Communications, including a term teaching abroad in France, he became the Social Sciences Bibliographer at Yale’s Sterling Memorial Library and then moved to Stanford University as Bibliographer and Head of main library’s large reference department for humanities and social sciences.

Immediately following his retirement from Stanford, he began work on his American Saga. From the beginning, he aimed to “use the engagement of storytelling” to weave social, economic, political, legal, and philosophical cords of America’s experience into personal stories. The series opens with historical interpretation and soon acquires characteristics of political novels, especially following the Civil War, by postulating that America is founded on a unique—but hitherto unacknowledged—covenant.

Fitchen and his wife, Patti, also a California native, now live in Encinitas, California. Their two daughters, sons-in-law, and six grandchildren also live in California.