Republic in Triumph

Republic in Triumph: Jessie's AmericaIndomitable and courageous attorney Jessie LaBarre guides American business and government to cooperative greatness as an advisor to presidents. She spurs the growth of civil liberties, labor relations, women’s rights, and collective security; and she paves the way for a revolutionary culture of automobiles and airplanes. Readers of this historical novel meet leading men and women of the tumultuous decades from Theodore Roosevelt to Lyndon Johnson. Subversive and racist Cameron men plot to destroy Jessie and her family. She wins convictions against some, but a ruthless new generation of enemies extract a terrible price.


“Congratulations for Republic in Triumph! Fitchen’s engaging and lively story masterfully weaves 20th Century growth of the United States with fascinating characters headlined by attorney Jessie LaBarre, an endlessly interesting and entertaining heroine.”

    —Andrew L. Faber, JD Stanford Law; Partner, Berliner Cohen Attorneys at Law